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Rent A Kayak At Hellasgården


At Hellasgarden you can rent kayaks and SUP. We are open every day, from 10 am to 5 pm. We only accept prebookings online. We help you get started. Life vests are included in your booking. All rented equipment must be returned at closing hour. If you start rent closer than one hour before closing hour your rental period gets shortened, as all equipment must be returned before closing, at 6 pm.


TidOne-man kayakTwo-man kayakSUPCanoe
1 timme200 kr400 kr150 kr250 kr
0-2 timmar250 kr500 kr250 kr350 kr
2-4 timmar350 kr700 kr350 kr600 kr
Heldag600 kr950 kr600 kr800 kr